Michael Smith Laboratories, University of British Columbia

LIST predicts the deleteriousness of amino acid mutations in human proteomes. The current release, 0.9 includes precomputed predictions of ~20,000 SwissProt protein sequences identified by their UniProt accession number. Prediction scores in the range [0 .. 1], where lower scores indicate more benign and higher indicate deleteriousness effect.

Per Mutation: To obtain LIST prediction for a list of mutations, copy and paste these mutations in the input text box and then click [>>]. Each entry should have the following format: AC:Pos:RefAA:AlleleAA
  AC: protein accession number.
  Pos: protein position.
  RefAA: the reference amino acid at position Pos.
  AlleleAA: the allele amino acid.

Example Input:

A0A0A0MRZ7:28:P:G  0.951352
A0A0A0MRZ7:112:Y:F  0.498739
A0A096LP49:133:E:K  0.731489
A0A0J9YX94:197:T:K  0.829466
P07766:192:R:T  0.885529

Per Protein: One can also visualize/download LIST scores for all possible mutation of a specific protein sequence identified by its accession number.
Enter an accession value under Accession and then select:
Download: to download all scores, or
Matrix: to display an interactive matrix with all possible mutant amino acid scores color coded.
  To zoom in, use the mouse to select the region of interest, then one can zoom out by clicking [Reset zoom].